Partner FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we answer some of the Frequently Asked Questions about becoming an HPC Rescue/Shelter Partner and how to get clubs started in your area. Just click on the questions to see the answer! View Printable Version

There is no cost to becoming an HPC partner, but you must meet certain criteria established by the Homeless Pet Clubs founder, Dr. Michael Good. These standards help ensure that the homeless pets stay healthy while waiting for their forever home!

Sponsoring a pet simply means a club promoting a pet through social media, printing out flyers, sending e-mails or posting the pet's info on their website to help find a forever-home for the pet they choose. Sponsoring does not mean "fostering" and it does not mean donating money for a specific animal. Though all rescue groups and shelters greatly appreciate monetary donations, sponsoring does not mean donating. When a pet club chooses one of your pets to sponsor, you must agree not to euthanize the pet and keep it in your program until it finds a home.

No, it's your choice. You can upload as many (or as few) pets as you want sponsored in the partner-administrative section of this website. We require that you upload all the pet's information & photo to our database and come back to update the pet's status when it has been adopted.

When a club signs up through this website, the enrollment form allows them to select an organization from a drop-down list of all our rescue/shelter partners. After enrolling, they come the HPC website to choose a pet to sponsor and they enter their club ID. This pulls in a list of all your available pets. When they make their pet selection, you will be copied on an e-mail confirmation to the club so that you will know which pet they have chosen to sponsor.
When a sponsored pet's status changes to "adopted", the club is sent another e-mail to let them know and it directs them to choose their next pet to sponsor.

Yes. A club in an area with more than one of our partners can switch at any time. They simply send an e-mail to techsuppo[email protected] and let us know which shelter/rescue group they want to switch to.

If you need to change any of your information, log into the HPC partner's administrative site and alter any info you'd like. If you need help or log-in info, please send an e-mail to [email protected] and we'll be happy to help.

Homeless Pet Clubs is a grass-roots organization and every type of club is started by word-of-mouth. The mission is first shared with like-minded individuals that you know: your friends, family, acquaintances, co-workers, neighbors, your kids and their friends/parents who all love animals and want to help. Use your volunteer base to help spread the word about pet clubs, let them help get clubs started in your area. Many people want to help but cannot adopt/foster/volunteer/donate. Starting a pet club is a way in which people can help by giving a voice to animals in need. Sharing the knowledge of humane treatment and responsible care for animals will help future generations of people and pets. Pet sponsorship is a way for club members to help pets in need by promoting those pets and telling their story to give the pet as much exposure as possible to potential adopters. When one group starts a club and starts telling the story about a pet in need, we believe that it will catch on and others will be inspired to start their own pet clubs. Homeless pet clubs are free, easy and effective!

One idea is to contact your local Chamber of Commerce or County/City Business Associations. They often look for people to speak at their meetings. Usually, all you have to do is call and offer to be a sponsor. It's an opportunity to talk about your organization and business pet clubs. You can tell them how businesses can start a pet club to help your organization. You can hand out our HPC brochures printed with your organization's information.
You can also talk to anyone you know who loves animals and owns a small business. Even talk to pet lovers who work outside the home - they can start a pet club where they work. Talk about pet clubs with your hair dresser, your mechanic, or any other place you shop. Again, use your volunteer base to help spread the word and get business clubs started in your area. Remember, it's free, easy and effective!

The easiest way to get school clubs started is to let your surrounding schools know you have a Homeless Pets Club program. If you already know someone involved at the school, approach them first. You can explain to them in person what the clubs are about, and how easy it is to get started. Then direct them to and visit the "Start a School Club" tab. If you do not have a connection at the school, a letter or email to the principal is a great way to get your foot in the door. Just ask the principal to disseminate the information to all the teachers so that those interested can contact you. You can usually find the principal's name and email on the school's website, as well as the school address. Be sure to include the Homeless Pet Clubs website so they can easily access our information about getting a school club started.

Community clubs consist of almost any type of club that is neither a school or business. This includes neighborhoods, baseball teams, senior centers, or any other social group. It could even be a group of co-workers whose employer would not accommodate an official homeless pet business club.