Start a Homeless Pet Community Club!
Community organizations can reach a wide audience to help save an animal's life! Starting a Homeless Pet Community Club is easy and it is FREE. Simply fill out the registration form below and you are on your way to helping homeless animals in your community.

Types of community clubs include but are not limited to: Faith Based Institutions, Families, Neighborhoods, Senior Centers/Senior Daycares, Assisted Living Centers, Sports Teams, Sororities/Fraternities, Human Hospitals, Police Departments, and Fire Departments.

If your area does not have a participating shelter, please select the Homeless Pet Foundation. We will partner with your school club in providing a homeless pet for adoption and via our Underhound Railway transport the pet for free to its new home and Dr. Good will personally meet with your pet's new adopted family.

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If none are available, select the Homeless Pet Foundation per the note above.)

What teachers are saying
"We set the time for our first club meeting for 7 a.m. and 140 kids showed up! We have to have before and after school meetings to accommodate all the kids who want to belong!"

"The quiet kid who wasn't in the 'smart bunch' or the 'athletic bunch' turned out to be the one to coordinate our plan to get our sponsored pet adopted, and get everyone motivated. Suddenly, there was something HE could win."

"When HPC starts, girls from all the different groups -- popular, geek, athletic, fashionista, divas -- come together to bake dog treats or help with an adoption. Suddenly, they're not different, because they are all alike in their love of animals."

What businesses are saying
"The way people love animals in our town is a common denominator that has helped our business. It's amazing. When we put the pet we're sponsoring in our ads, we get new customers!"

"We didn't join HPC to get more members in our civic club, but all of a sudden people are joining because they like that we are helping to save animals. There's a new energy!"

"Our business partners with a local school to help get the word out on our sponsored pets. It is great to work with these smart high school students who are teaching us a thing or two about marketing

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