Choose a Pet to Sponsor
Once you have established your Homeless Pet Club, your next step is to select a pet to sponsor. Homeless Pet Clubs provide you with access to sponsor pets ONLY in HPC-sanctioned shelters. If HPC does not have a sanctioned shelter in your area, we encourage you to sponsor a pet directly from the Homeless Pets Foundation (HPF). Only HPF pets are listed on this website. To sponsor pets from an HPC shelter partner, please visit their website. You can view the page listing our shelter partners, which includes links to their website and contact person's e-mail address.

On this website, your club can only (officially) sponsor one pet at a time. You can promote as many pets as you want by "liking" them on Facebook or printing out their flyers, but only one pet at a time can be assigned to your club from HPF.

Available Pets
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