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Homeless Pet Clubs - Spotlight

We would like to acknowledge some of the outstanding Homeless Pet Clubs and club members who are truly making a difference in their community. These are some Homeless Pet Heros! Send us your inspirational and success stories so we can share them with other clubs.

Mary Lin Elementary kicks off Homeless Pet Clubwith a Visit from Xena the Warrior Puppy!

This is a special story about a Homeless Pet Club in Atlanta and the first guest speaker who came to one of their club meetings. See the article about Mary Lin Elementary and Xena, the Warrior Puppy!!

Xena has a very special story of her own. Life began horribly for the dog now widely known and adored as Xena the Warrior Puppy. In September 2012, Xena, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, was close to death when she was brought to the DeKalb County Animal Services’ shelter in Georgia. Her nose was scabbed over, she was emaciated, dehydrated and given just 1% chance of survival. The veterinarian determined she was about 4 months old and had been confined — and starved — in a cage before being dumped in someone’s yard. A shelter employee and founder of Friends of Dekalb Animals, Chrissy Kaczynski, took her home and began loving her back to life, and the dog rebounded quickly, living up to her name. The Hickey's of Johns Creek, Ga., adopted Xena the Warrior Puppy in March 2013 — and this is when Xena proved to be a hero for an 8-year-old boy who needed her. Autism had left Jonny closed off and isolated. He could speak, but spent most of his time in silence. After Xena bounded into his life, he began talking and singing to her non-stop. Now a happy chatterbox at home, Jonny thrives in Xena’s company. Xena and Jonny have more than 46,000 friends on  facebook and they have touched the hearts in more than 105 countries around the world. Xena raises money for Autism Speaks through walks and 5ks, she raises money for shelter animals through races, and she and Jonny are sponsoring animals in need by selling their merchandise. Xena was recognized by the American Kennel Club and was just recently honored as ASPCA Dog of the Year 2013.  Together, Xena and Jonny are "Spreading the Words" - raising awareness about being kind to animals, the gentleness of pit bulls, autism, and that shelter animals make great best friends.

See the video of her story on NBC's Nightly News

Linda Hickey brought Xena to Mary Lin Elementary's Homeless Pet Club meeting and shared their story with the school club. If you would like to have Linda and Xena come to speak at one of your club meetings, please see her info on our resources page (under Guest Speakers in GA).

School Club Hosts Adoption Superbowl

See pictures from the Adoption Superbowl event that McCleskey Middle School's pet club put on for Homeless Pets Foundation.

Homeless Pet Clubs Support Their HPC Partner at a Braves Game

See more pictures form the event.

Girl Scouts Visit Their Sponsored Pet

Homeless Pets Foundation had some Girl Scouts come and visit them at their mobile adoption site to see their sponsored pet, Dee, and put signs on her cage.

Gwinnett County Shelter Gets Artwork From Their Pet Clubs

It all started when one of the Girl Scout troops had their meeting here and a few of the girls wanted to interact with the dog they had picked. The next day they came by and brought a lot of stuff to decorate with. Now our kennel is turning into an amateur art exhibit with some of the things these kids are making and IT'S AWESOME!! As a matter of fact yesterday one of my business clubs came by, they said they were so inspired by the kids that they decorated their animal's window!! It really brings in a good feel to the kennel seeing all these things that the kids have made. The same Girl Scout Troop that started all the decorating is using our conference room as their regular meeting place for every troop meeting. They have been making some things for the HPC animals that don't have anything around their windows to get attention to them, how cool is that!!?? SEE MORE PHOTOS!

Dekalb Shelter Gets A Makeover

The Dekalb Shelter recently got a makeover with help from Paideia High School's Homeless Pet Club! We are so proud of the wonderful work that they did!

Gwinnett County Girl Scout Troop Finds Success in Placing Their First Sponsored Pet 

Girl Scout Troop 1343 Homeless Pet Club had their first sponsored animal adopted on March 6th! Noah, a 2-year old lab/pitbull mix, was being cared for by the Gwinnett County Animal Shelter but now has a fantastic, loving home. The club has been in existence less than two months and has undertaken a number of activities to support our sponsored pet. These activities included:

  • Designing flyers and distributing them at local schools, grocery stores, Girl Scout cookie booth sales, the Girl Scout World Thinking Day event, and the Girl Scout Apalachee Service Unit meeting.
  • Writing a blog which was placed in the Dacula Patch.
  • Decorating Noah's pen at the animal shelter.
  • Designing a website to bring awareness to the issue of homeless pets in our community.
  • Designing a Facebook page to get the word out and to find a loving home for Noah.
  • Making several gifts for Noah including sock toys, a bandana, and a blanket. Noah was able to leave the shelter with the bandana and blanket.
  • Making donation boxes and setting up donation drives (in partnership with the Alcova Elementary PTA) to collect items the animal shelter is in desperate need of right now.
The troop is making arrangements to select their next pet to sponsor!

Tenasity - Business Pet Club

  Khalvin Kuczynski and Gabe Reinlieb, up-and-coming dog trainers in the Atlanta area were first introduced to Homeless Pet Clubs at a fundraising event for Homeless Pets Foundation (HPF). They started a business pet club and chose a pet to sponsor. Through their connections with many dog lovers, they networked to help place several pets into loving forever-homes. But their love of dogs does not stop with sponsoring! Wanting to do more, the Tenasity trainers started working with HPF's dogs that were having a hard time finding a home. They evaluated several behavioral issues that some dogs had and started working with them several times a week. They even worked with other HPF volunteers so that the training could be reinforced. Going even further to help HPF dogs find permanent homes, Tenasity is offering free sessions and discounted training packages to anyone who adopts through HPF. They even go as far as following up with adopters who might be experiencing behavior issues to prevent the dog from being returned. Tenasity has been HPF's dream come true!

Khalvin Kuczynski was recently interviewed: Web Radio Interview

Paideia Homeless Pets Club - Georgia Teenager Donates $100 She Earned From Tutoring to a Worthy Cause

So when does a teenager give up her hard earned tutoring money at time when we are all shopping for the holidays?
Jessica has only been tutoring for a year and half and knows how long it takes to earn $100 dollars. But she has always been passionate about helping others less fortunate. One day an announcement came during a high school meeting ..."If you want to join the Homeless Pet Clubs (HPC), please sign up". She knew immediately, this is the kind of club she wanted to be a part of. She has always been passionate about animals and the HPC club was perfect because it connects students with their local animal shelter and allows them to be super heroes when it comes to finding loving homes for dogs and cats sitting in cages.

"I just knew I had to join. So far, the club has been great. I've learned so much about animals, pet ownership responsibility, why it is important to be a part of the community and to do something to make it a better place. We get to sponsor a pet from our local DeKalb County Shelter. Once we sponsor the pet, we know he/she will get adopted through our efforts. Then we pick a new pet and so on. I've also had a lot of fun working together with the rest of the club members. Earlier in the fall, we visited the DeKalb County Animal Shelter which is partnered with our HPC club. Seeing the animals there truly moved me. After the visit, I acknowledged everything that I have and how privileged I am, which led me to want to make the donation. When I played with the dog we sponsored and saw the other animals at the shelter, I knew I had to do something. My entire experience since I have joined the HPC Club has been very rewarding because it has helped me become more aware of what happens to animals in the world. I'm working really hard to give my all because helping animals find loving homes is very close to my heart. Not only do we sponsor pets for adoption, we get to do fun projects every time we meet, sometimes we have presenters, and we learn a lot about animals. Along with the help of my amazing club mates and my wonderful club faculty sponsor, Catharine A. Tipton, I am privileged to work for what I believe in" said Jessica.

Homeless Pet Clubs are popping up everywhere... in schools, community clubs, scouting troops and businesses. Children & adults are educated about the status of animals, the significance of spay/neuter and most importantly it allows them to have a part in finding a shelter pet a forever home. Club members make a difference in the number of pets that are euthanized across the county each year. It is free, fun and effective and anyone can participate in it. The only thing that our pets need is the voices of the members to speak loudly for them and find them a home.

"We are moved by Jessica's noble decision to give her tutoring money to a wonderful cause benefiting the DeKalb Animal Shelter. There are not many young people in today's world who think like her and we are sincerely struck by her mature and generous act. These altruistic actions are many in the Homeless Pet Clubs, but this one makes our Christmas wish come true" said Claudine Wilkins, Esq. Executive Shelter Director of Homeless Pet Clubs.

Students Making A Difference!

Megan McCurry, a senior at Pace Academy, has been volunteering with us for several months now. She started a Homeless Pet School Club in her school, which she leads, until a teacher sponsor is willing to step in. Her club recently held a donations drive for Homeless Pets Foundation. Below are photos of the girls at pet adoption sites and a picture of Megan dropping off donations from their drive. Thank you Megan and the members of Pace Academy's school club for all that you do to help animals in need!

CCAS Adopt-A-Thon

Sanders Pet Club presents a Kuranda bed and supplies from their supply drive to Cobb County Animal Shelter at the shelter's Adopt-a-thon on Saturday. Officer Tom Flynn, Manager, Animal Control, and Dr. Michael Good, founder of the Homeless Pet Clubs, talk about the recent partnership of the clubs and the shelter in an effort to save more homeless animals in the county. Sanders Pet Club is doing the pilot program and as a result of the partnership, 5 animals have already been placed. Everyone is excited about the number of animals that can be placed once more schools jump on board. The Adopt-a-thon was a huge success. Over 60 animals were placed! There were K-9 demonstrations, face painting, shelter tours, lots of raffle prizes, and beautiful weather! Commissioner Joann Burrell was at the event to support the CCAS and to support the partnership between the CCAS and the HPCs. Five new school clubs signed up for the fall. Fran Jackson, CCAS volunteer, did a great job coordinating this very successful event.

Victoria Stilwell Visits Cherokee County Homeless Pet Clubs

Victoria Stilwell awes the audience of Cherokee County Homeless Pet Clubs represented by five local schools and the Boys & Girls Club of Cherokee County.

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