Homeless Pet Clubs - Spotlight

We would like to acknowledge some of the outstanding Homeless Pet Clubs and club members who are truly making a difference in their community. These are some Homeless Pet Heros! Send us your inspirational and success stories so we can share them with other clubs.

Agape Hospice

Susie, a volunteer with Agape Hospice, brought Colbear to visit the students of Tigers Homeless Pet Club. Colbear is a certified therapy dog as well as a certified READ dog. READ stands for Reading Education Assistance Dog. The students learned how Colbear helps children that may have some difficulty reading.

Tigers Homeless Pet Club

Tigers Homeless Pet Club recently made dog treats to bring to the dogs at 2nd Chance Animal Shelter.

School Club Makes Dog Treats

The Howard School Pet Club recently got together to make some home made dog treats. They will be selling them to help raise money for their rescue partner, Fulton County Animal Services.

Tricks 4 Kidz Pet Club

Tricks 4 Kidz Pet Club got together for a fun night of bedazzling dog shirts and vests to give to their rescue partner, Homeless Pets Foundation. They are hoping that the fancy shirts will attract people to adopt the adorable pups wearing them.

Haynes Bridge Middle School

The Haynes Bridge Middle School Pet Club recently volunteered at an event for their rescue partner, Bring Change 2 Animals. They worked hard on these cute posters to hang up at the event.

Howard School Pet Club

In August 2014, The Howard School Pet Club was informed that a dog had been brought to Fulton County Animal Shelter with a gun shot wound. They happily bought her a crate so that she could recover safely in her foster home. They planned to also sponsor the dog, but before they could, she had been rescued. The pictures below are of her arrival to the shelter and of her with her foster mom.

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